Scott Faluotico

Vice President

Joe Abrusci

Kevin Dolan

Assistant Treasurer

Tano Giacchino

Sean Dolan

Assistant Personnel

Erik Johanssen

Mayra Garcia


  • Kathy Detoro
  • Frank Zeller
  • Melissa Widzemok


Bruce Gallagher has served 32 years on Flanders. He spent 21 years holding each officer position on the EMS division, and now puts a focus on the well being of our crews through any difficult times we encounter in our careers.


Ken Vanderwall is a new addition to our department. As chaplain though, Ken has served on countless other departments to help them through their emergencies as well and will bring a whole new sight to help our responders over the coming years.

fire division

Tyler Wargo has held the rank of Chief for the past 4 years in Flanders. Additionally he has over 20 years of firefighting experience to back his leadership role. He has held every rank in the department and has proven to be a valuable asset to keeping our department up to date on training and equipment.

Having over 30 years in the fire service, Frank Zeller has brought endless knowledge of the fire service to the department. His experiences and determination to help others has shown greatly in the ways other firefighters do their jobs everyday because of his help and teaching.

Entering his 35th year as a volunteer firefighter, Mike McDermott has held every position in the fire service. He has held chief positions with Flanders since 2005.

Greg Widzemok has more than 15 years with Flanders Fire and has held roles all the way up to Department Chief. Greg’s current role as fire division captain puts him in charge of training. Greg’s experience greatly helps everyone’s ability to work as a team and better themselves as firefighters in today’s society.

Phil Brown has 8 years in the fire service, originating in Budd Lake, NJ as a junior member at the age of 16. He is currently in his 3rd year as lieutenant at Flanders and is always challenging new and old members to test their skills, and learn some new ones along the way.

Sean Dolan has 8 years in Flanders Fire Department. As a current Firefighter and EMT, he has a lot of experience to hand out to anyone that joins and continues to move the department forward in his role in the Fire Division.

EMS Division

Starting his firefighting and EMS career in the Roxbury, NJ area, Todd Summer brings 20 years to the department in experience and certifications. Todd has held many years as an officer both on the Fire Division side, and now the EMS side serving his second year as Captain.

Megan Pfefferkorn has over 5 years in the emergency medical field. Her knowledge of EMS and now as an officer prove a great asset to our department and community through each drill and emergency scene we encounter as a department.

Josh Heyman joined Flanders as a junior member. He quickly trained to be an EMT and Firefighter for the department. He has spent the last 2 years as EMS lieutenant and has assisted in many functions to better our members and the EMS division.

Jim Staszak has over 10 years in the fire service originating in the Rockaway, NJ area. He now serves in an EMS position to further newer members in their training and experiences around medical scenarios and emergencies.