Join us today!

  • No prior experience, certifications, or training required
  • Must live in or around the Flanders border
  • Must be 16 years and older to join
  • Help your community in times of need
  • Become a firefighter and/or EMT at no cost (all training is paid for)

Click the button below to fill out our application! Once completed, please download it, sign in each required signature area, and send it to “”. You may also stop by the firehouse on Thursday nights to hand it in. If you are filling out a Junior Member section (under 18 years old), please ensure to notify us in the email and we will contact you to meet in person with a parent. 

*NOTE: Filling out the downloaded application will not work on Mobile Devices*

Please visit us at our firehouse on any Thursday night around 7pm. An officer will answer any of your questions and help you get an application to join!